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Below is a list of helpful resources and information.


Basic Information: - Good information on all parts of CAP

Cadet Super Chart - Shows all cadet achievements and promotion requirements

New Cadet Guide - Basic information on the cadet program



CAPR 39-1 - Uniform Manual - Website to purchase uniform items

Ribbon Rack Builder - Shows what order to wear ribbons


Cadet Testing:

Online Testing Site - Where you take all online tests and courses

Testing Materials - PDF versions of all leadership and aerospace books


Emergency Services:

Ops Quals - Where you find your 101 card, and view/enter ES qualification tasks

Ground Team and UDF Task Guide - Explanation of tasks for UDF and Ground Team

Online Testing Site - Where you find the GES 116 and other online tests

24 Hour Gear List - What equipment you need for ES


Additional Resources: - CTWG website

Facebook Page

Cadet Facebook Page


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