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New Members

As a new member of CAP, there is a lot to learn but don't worry, you will pick it up very quickly. The best way to get information about anything in the program is to contact your mentor. If you have not been assigned a mentor, bring it up at the next meeting and email our Deputy Commandant of Cadets at to ask any questions (make sure to cc a parent or senior member). You can also find helpful information and resources on the "Resources" page.

The first thing that you want to work on is your first promotion. The first requirement for this is to take the chapter one leadership test. You will have to set up an account on eServices to do this. Once on eServices, you can find the testing site under "Online Learning", then "Cadet Online Testing" then click "Go To Axis". This test is an open book test on the first chapter of the learn to lead book, which you will receive in the mail, You can also find the online version here. The other requirements are to attempt the fitness test (which you can do at the next pt night), take the Cadet Wingman Course (a senior member will help you set this up), and recite the cadet oath. Once you achieve your first promotion, you will receive an email, giving you the $100 Curry Voucher which you can use to buy the Blues uniform.

Other things you can do:

- Buy the ABU uniform or talk to the cadet supply officer about using one from our squadron. (Vanguard is an option for buying uniform items) DO NOT buy the blues uniform until you get your first promotion and receive the curry voucher

- Read the New Cadet Guide

- Talk to the O-Flight Officer to schedule an orientation flight in a CAP plane. 

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