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Below are descriptions of some of the activities that you can get involved within CAP. You can also get more information here.



Encampment is a week-long overnight camp in the summer modeled after basic training in the military. Located at Camp Nett National Guard Base, cadets learn in small groups called flights. These flights spend all of their time together, where they attend classes, perform drill, exercise, participate in activities, and so much more. The week is challenging but filled with many fun activities and in the end, is a very rewarding experience.

Emergency Services:

As it is one of CAP's three missions, emergency services is a very large program in CAP. As a cadet, you can get involved by training and getting qualified to work on our ground team or mission base. For more information visit the "Emergency Services" page.

STEM Projects and Activities:

Our squadron offers many different STEM projects and activities for cadets to participate in. One of these is model rocketry, where you get to design and build model rockets while learning about important space exploration events. After building the rockets, you get to launch them and compete with other nearby squadrons. Another one of these programs is marksmanship, where you learn gun safety while qualifying for awards based on accuracy.

National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs):

National Cadet Special Activities are activities held all over the country, open to anyone who applies. Most of these are week-long activities that focus on various topics from aviation, leadership, operations training, career training, and much more. You are eligible for most of these activities once you graduate from Encampment. Here is a list of all of the NCSAs available.

Orientation flights:

Once you join CAP, you are given the opportunity to fly a CAP plane through an orientation flight. Orientations flights are fun activities where you get to learn about flying and even get to control the aircraft yourself. You should get your first orientation flight within your first 60 days of joining. As a cadet, you can take up to 5 powered o-flights and 5 glider o-flights.


CyberPatriot is a program where you learn about cybersecurity and then apply those concepts to make a computer more secure. Cadets compete in team competitions to find and correct vulnerabilities on a virtual computer system.

Cadet Advisory Council:

Cadet Advisory Council is an activity where cadets get the opportunity to work with other cadets in different squadrons to help improve the cadet program. There are four levels of CAC, starting with the group level, wing, region, and then national. As a member of the Cadet Advisory Council, you work on committees to make proposals, reform current programs and regulations, and help make CAP an even better organization. Two cadets from each squadron are selected to represent their squadron on the Connecticut Wing CAC. 


Civil Air Patrol uses a variety of radios to communicate between squadron and to be used during emergency events. Cadets can train to use these radios and participate in the weekly radio net check, where members from all over the wing and beyond check into the net to test their communications equipment. In addition to the net, radio qualified cadets can train and qualify as a mission radio operator for emergency services missions.

Cadet Wings:

Cadet Wings is a program that cadets can apply for to get assistance in funding their private pilot's license. Cadets that are chosen for this program receive full funding to complete all training required to get their license. Cadets can choose to fly with a CAP instructor in a CAP aircraft or through a private instructor. For more information on the program and how to apply click here.

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