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Civil Air Patrol, the U.S. Air Force Auxillary, is a volunteer organization with over 56,000 members, devoted to serving America's communities. As a Total Force partner of the U.S. Air Force, Civil Air Patrol works to search for and rescue the lost, aid in times of disaster, and keep the homeland safe. Alongside this, the organization promotes aviation and related fields

through aerospace/STEM education and helps shape future leaders through its cadet program. Our squadron is made up of two interconnected programs, our cadet program, and senior program.

Our cadet program offers a wide variety of aerospace/STEM activities all while developing youth into future leaders. Our squadron holds weekly cadet meetings which consist of leadership and aerospace lessons and activities, physical fitness, drill, and more. In addition to weekly meetings, there are opportunities to participate in additional activities such as flying model rocketry, STEM projects, parades, cybersecurity, color guard, and search and rescue. While participating in these activities, cadets get real-world experience and opportunities surrounding STEM and aerospace fields. The program also uses these programs to teach cadets about leadership and help develop them into better leaders.

While in the program, cadets are encouraged to promote through the ranks by completing learning and leadership requirements for each promotion. With each promotion, cadets are given more responsibilities and opportunities to lead others.

The promotion system has four phases: the learning phase, the leading phase, the command phase, and the executive phase. By promoting through the phases, cadets start by leading themselves and progress to leading small groups, to leading large groups of cadets, and organizing activities.

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